Rodeo Theme Baby Shower

This is a great theme for parents who already know they are having a baby boy, but can work very well for the little “cowgirl on the way,”  too.  For a boy you can do the traditional blue baby shower,  but the rodeo theme is much more fun and unique. This theme works best if

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Send Baby To College Theme Baby Shower

OK so you might think it’s a bit early to start worrying about the baby’s education, but you will be surprised to know that most couples start saving for their child’s college fund as soon as they find out they are pregnant! This theme is great for couples that have multiple babies. It works really

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Sweet Dreams Theme Baby Shower

What a perfect match, babies and wishes of sweet dreams. The one thing almost all mothers complain about after having a baby is the loss of sleep.  A baby’s sleep time is precious;  Not only is it restorative for the baby but also provides much required relief for the parents.  Sweet dreams is a great

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Summer Tea Party Baby Girl Shower

What little girl doesn’t grow into having tea parties for all her imaginary friends? And if you are lucky enough you might even be invited to one of them. A summer tea party baby shower is perfect if the parents have already determined that they are having a baby girl. Other options for baby girl

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Baby Shower Planning & Free Baby Shower Theme Ideas!

When a new baby is on it’s way one of the most delightful events is the baby shower, but planning for a baby shower can sometimes be not so delightful. We are here to make planning a baby shower easy. From Baby Shower Themes and decorations to Baby Shower Ideas and Checklists, we’ve got everything to make planning your baby shower as simple as ABC...