Printable Baby Shower Games

Baby Trivia

This isn’t just for moms! Even the guys will want to compete to answer trivia questions about newborn babies. See if your guests know the answers to t…Read More

Finish That Baby Quote!

He said What?! She said That?! You’ve heard it said before, but do you remember well enough to fill-in-the-blanks of these baby quotes from famous peo…Read More

Guess Baby’s Birthday

This fun baby shower classic is now easier than ever! Just print out the cards and let guests take their best guess for Baby’s date of birth, time of …Read More

It’s Also A Baby Name

You’ll be surprised how many everyday items are also names! Test your guests brain power as they race to read the definitions of everyday items and fi…Read More

New Baby Advice

Everyone wants to pass along their best-kept baby secrets! Help them out and give guests a place to write their best wishes and best advice for Mom an…Read More

Raising Baby

Mom and Dad-to-be have been studying up on what to expect as Baby grows through his first year..see if you can measure up! Guests compete to match eac…Read More

Right and Left Baby Game

This crazy gift passing game will have everyone scrambling as they listen for you to say right or left while you read about Mom & Dad’s trip to the ho…Read More

Silly Baby Advice

Mom and Dad are sure to get plenty of advice – but nothing like this! Guests fill out an imaginary reason for baby’s crying, and their advice for the …Read More

Straighten Baby’s Poem

A tricky mix-and-match game is just what the Hostess ordered! Have guests compete to straighten these mixed up poems – and send the answers home with …Read More

The Baby Story

This isn’t your typical pencil and paper game! It’s your chance to get Mom and Baby off to a good start! As you read this cute story, key words will b…Read More

Who Am I? Baby Shower Survey

How well do you really know each other? Take this secret survey and have the Mom-to-be read the answers as the guests try to figure out Who’s Who! A g…Read More

A to Z Baby Name Race

If Mom and Dad could use a little help thinking of names, then this game is going to keep you on your toes! Two teams race each other to find a name f…Read More

Baby’s Family Trivia

Baby’s due to arrive soon, and they’ll be plenty of family introductions! See how many of Baby’s family members you can name given clues…just who is…Read More

Baby Jeopardy

Pit the guys against the girls in a game that tests brain power! Baby Jeopardy is the perfect team game, combining skills in all areas of baby knowled…Read More

Baby Memory Challenge

Fun for kids and adults of all ages! Study the pictures carefully, because after 30 seconds, you’re going to be asked to turn the paper over and name …Read More

Baby Name Meanings

The parents-to-be have been looking at Baby Names for a while now, so let’s see if you can compete! Match these name meanings with the Most Popular Ba…Read More

Baby’s Name Poem

It’s time to put on your creative hats! Each guest gets to make a poem full of advice using Baby’s name – and all the best verses will be put together…Read More

Baby Outburst

WARNING!! Noise Level:LOUD Fun Level:HIGH Speak up and spit it out! Bring the fun to a new level when guests compete against the clock to shout out i…Read More

Baby Parts

Ten brand new little toes and ten little fingers will be arriving soon…but can you name all of baby’s brand new baby parts? Just to make this even h…Read More

Baby Seussville

Mom and Dad will be reading plenty of Dr. Seuss…help them out as you try to finish the title of these popular Dr. Seuss books! For added fun, all th…Read More

Baby Shower Raffle Tickets

Having a raffle? Don’t miss these cute tickets that make it easy for guests to participate! Go ahead, give Mom and Dad a helping hand – and raffle off…Read More

Baby’s Beautiful Reflection

Is Baby going to be a “chip off the old block,” or a “beautiful reflection” of Mom? Let the laughter roar as guests try to decide which skill or trait…Read More

Baby Shower Mad Lib Fun

Here’s a great little Mad Lib story about Mom-to-be’s Baby Shower day! Break the guests up into teams and have each team create their own unique Mad L…Read More

Outside The Box Famous Baby Names

Is Mom-to-be having a little trouble deciding on a baby name? Well this hysterical game may give her some ideas for a name… or perhaps she’ll go into …Read More

What’s Your Song Baby?

Get all ages mingling with a team game! Players race to match up the artist to their famous song that has the word ‘Baby’ in the title. It’s a diverse…Read More

Everything Baby – From A to Z!

Think you’re hip to everything there is for Baby? Play this game and find out! Guests race against each other to be the first to name something baby r…Read More

Foreign Language Baby

How many ways can you say baby? One for every language! Find out who has the gift of gab…and who can use it to match these 10 languages with their o…Read More