Baby Shower Games


One of the most important parts of a good baby shower is having fun and entertaining games to play with the guests.

Laughs and memories are made over an exciting game of baby shower bingo or a quick game of “Remember when?” It’s almost a requirement at today’s baby shower to have games and a few small prizes for your guests.

Whether you make your own games, print out a few printable games at home, or just grab some random items for a quick game of “Guess What!” your guests will experience a more personalized and enjoyable time when there are games to break the ice and remind you of fond memories and friendship.

“Do It Your Self” Free Baby Shower Games:

If you want to do all the games yourself and not spend a dime you can get a ton of ideas online.  There are many popular sites which supply free  baby shower games and ideas. From their ideas you can grab a some pencils, a few peices of paper, or just your imagination and have a great time.

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Baby Shower Bingo:

A staple at the baby shower party is “Baby Shower Bingo.” Your guests each get a card and while the mom-to-be opens presents your guests get to have some fun.  Much more entertaining then just saying “oooh” or “ahhh” for the hundreth time over a burp cloth. You can even personalize the cards with your own items.

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Baby Shower Word Games:

A quick game of Baby Scattagories will get any party started. Word games are very popular. Just hand out a pencil, a game sheet and let your guests go. Set a time limit or see who finishes first. Either way a fun time. You have plenty of choices; baby shower word find, baby shower word scramble, or even a crazy game of mixup.

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Printable Word Games:

There are so many game choices for your baby shower it’s hard to decide. You can play games that require items and your guests calling out answers, or toss a “hot potato” around, but the most popular solution to finding enjoyable baby shower games is still found online. Printable baby shower games are games you print directly from your computer to play with your guests. The games, rules, and answers are already done for you so you can concentrate on more important issues of the day (like getting mommy there on time!). They are very convenient and guests will love them. There are some places online that have free printable baby shower games, and others that require payment of a couple dollars to personalize or print. Either way the you will find the conveience and time spent worth the money and the printer ink.

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Types of Baby Shower Games: