Baby Shower FAQs

Frequently asked questions about baby showers and hosting a baby shower.

Who Should Host the Baby Shower?

Traditionally, only non-relatives host a baby shower (best friend, mother-in-law, co-workers); however,  today it has become more common and acceptable for both sisters and mothers to host the baby shower too.    The only one who absolutely should not host the baby shower is the expecting mom herself!

Can There Be More Than One Baby Shower?

In today’s day and age mom’s to be have more than just grandma and sister in their social circle. There are co-workers, college friends, family, even social groups or clubs. With such a large choice of guests it is quite common for there to be more than one shower hosted by or inviting different friends.  A “family only” shower and a shower with just her girlfriends  is common. Even her co-workers’ putting together one is often seen.