About Only Baby Showers

The first baby showers developed from a need to educate new mothers. Friends and family gathered to share knowledge about parenting as well as gifts to help the new mom. This is why traditionally baby showers were for women and only held for the first child born.

The modern baby shower is quite different, with more of the focus being on celebrating the new baby and giving gifts to help ease the extreme financial burden of child birth. Inviting both men and women has not only become common but is in fact expected with the contemporary baby shower. Also, it is quite common to have a shower for every child born, not just the first.

With the shift from a gathering to share parenting knowledge to a celebration of the a new baby the expectations of the person hosting the baby shower has changed. Selecting a fun shower theme, picking baby shower favors, finding entertaining games to play, and providing delicious food and drink are expected elements of the modern baby shower.

At OnlyBabyShowers.com we want to help. It is our goal to offer the best baby shower planning ideas available so that you can focus on the fun and not get bogged down with the planning.