Rainbow Theme Baby Shower

While pink and blue baby showers are really popular, why stick to just one color when you have an entire rainbow to celebrate with? The rainbow theme works great for creative parents who love colors. It also makes for a vibrant party and sets a wonderfully cheerful mood.

Rainbow Theme Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Get rainbow hued letter papers and print your invitations on them.
  • You can also get little decorative umbrellas that have all the colors of the spectrum. Either write out the party details on the umbrella itself or attach a little note with all the details.

Rainbow Theme Baby Shower Decorations:

  • Anything and everything that you want to use works great. The idea is to use as many colors as you possibly can.
  • Put up balloons in every color that you can find.
  • Multi colored streamers can really perk up the atmosphere.
  • Create a garden with the mother-to-be’s favorite flowers.
  • You could also create a huge rainbow at the entrance to the venue and place a small pot of gold at one end. Use the pot of gold to hold the party favors and ask the guests to take one as they leave.

Rainbow Theme Baby Shower Food:

  • Blue blueberry muffins
  • Green salad
  • Yellow mashed potatoes with cheese. Yellow cheese pizzas, corn on the cob.
  • Orange salsa with chips. Orange juice, papaya salad.
  • Red watermelon balls and apple pie, penne pasta in arabiata sauces, chilli.
  • Use a violet runner to decorate the table and get some orchids as centerpieces.

You can of course use food colors to get rainbow hued foods of your choice.

Rainbow Theme Baby Shower Games:

  • Color games would be a great idea for this party.
  • You can play a version of the four corners if you have a large party. Designate seven corners or locations as various colors. Turn on the music. When the music stops the guests have to choose a color and head that way. The mother to
  • be picks out a color at random from a hat containing all seven colors. Guests who chose that color are out. As the number of players lessens keep removing one color at a time so in the end you have just two players and two colors.
  • The player who does not get out in the end wins.
  • Ask the guests to list out baby names related to color. Eg: Violet, Scarlet, etc. The guest with the best names wins. The mother to be of course decides the winner.

Rainbow Theme Baby Shower Party Favors:

  • Little pots of gold filled with rainbow colored candy.
  • Scented bath salts in rainbow colors.
  • Potpourri in rainbow hues.

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.