Rodeo Theme Baby Shower

This is a great theme for parents who already know they are having a baby boy, but can work very well for the little “cowgirl on the way,”  too.  For a boy you can do the traditional blue baby shower,  but the rodeo theme is much more fun and unique. This theme works best if you can set it up outdoors or indoors in a place that will allow you to barbecue.

This theme can also be easily adapted to a farm theme, a ranch theme or a horse / cow / cattle theme. It is also a great theme for a Dad’s Baby Shower or a Couples Baby Shower, too.

Rodeo Theme Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Take some rope and design tiny lassos. Put them around a paper bearing the party details and give as invitations.
  • Get horse shaped cards or paper with a horse print and write out the party details and mail.

Rodeo Theme Baby Shower Decorations:

  • Cut out horses and cattle from magazines and use them to decorate the food table.
  • Gets saddles and put on benches as seating. This can get a bit uncomfortable so you might want to let guests put the saddles on the side when they actually sit.
  • Set up hay bales around the room for a rodeo look.
  • Ask all the guests to wear cowboy hats and boots to the party.

Rodeo Theme Baby Shower Food:

  • A barbecue is the only way to go!
  • Texan style chilli and hamburgers with coke would be great.
  • Serve dark bottles of Root Beer or Ginger Ale. You can choose to serve beer but since the guest of honor cannot imbibe liquor this is generally considered bad baby shower etiquette. If you must then clear it with the mother to be beforehand.

Rodeo Theme Baby Shower Games:

  • Lasso the bottle. Set up an extra large size baby bottle and get a lasso. Give each guest a turn at lassoing the bottle. The guest who can lasso the bottle quickest wins.
  • Have a two-step and square dancing competition to see who can do the cowboy dance the best.

Rodeo Theme Baby Shower Party Favors:

  • Miniature cowboy hat candles.
  • Chocolates in the shape of cowboy boots.
  • Tiny stuffed toy horses with saddles.

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.