Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby shower etiquette is pretty simple but there are some things that are standard when it comes to hosting a baby shower. Below are some of the more important things to remember when hosting a shower for a friend or family member.

Baby showers are given to the mother to be by friends or family members. It’s always a great idea for more than just one to come together to host the shower so all the cost is not on one person. It is considered poor etiquette to throw a baby shower for yourself.

What if it’s not the first baby?

Some people find a second baby shower perfectly fine, while others find it a bit tacky. The people who are against them usually are against the idea of gifts for a second (or third or fourth) shower, not the actual party. Even if the mom to be is not having her first child, don’t let that be a reason not to have a shower for her.

A baby shower is a celebration of a new baby, not just a first baby, so if you have a friend who is having her second or third child, don’t hesitate to throw her a shower. Keep the focus off the gifts and put the spotlight on the welcoming of a new family addition. Since she most likely will already have the larger items, such as a crib or stroller or bassinet, there are things that every new mom will need no matter what. If friends and family want to bring a gift to a “second baby” shower that is fine, but these do not need to be the focus. She will be very excited and thankful for the thought and celebration of their newest addition.

When Should I have it?

The best time to hold the baby shower is a month or two before the baby is due. Typically about 6 weeks before is a good time to shoot for. This allows for the possibility that the baby may make an appearance early. If the mother is on bed rest or is having a really difficult pregnancy, waiting until a month or so after the birth is fine, just be sure to let everyone know that is what is planned, including the mom to be so she doesn’t think she was forgotten.

How many people should we invite?

There is no set size or amount of people that have to be invited to the baby shower. Whoever the mom has on her invite list is who you should invite, even if it is 30 people. Just make sure that you have the shower in a place that will comfortably hold the number of people you are inviting.

Who should you invite?

Baby showers are typically for the mom to be and her female family and friends, but now all types of showers are becoming common, so if the father wants to be included, you can make the shower co-ed. Adjust the games accordingly and make sure everything is not just geared towards the mom to be but the parents to be. If the hostess of the shower is married to someone who is a friend of the dad-to-be, he could plan an outing for the men of the female guests and any children which could be enjoyable for everyone involved and take care of the issue of childcare.

Do I need to give guests gifts or favors?

An enjoyable part of baby showers is to give each guest a shower favor to remember the day by. These can be things like small potted plants, seed packets, tea or coffee baggies tied with decorative bows, soaps or candles. Anything that commemorates the shower works as a party favor for the guest to take home and remember the shower fondly.