Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations

Invitations are the first impression guests will have of the baby shower, so making sure they are upbeat, fun and memorable is important. If the parents to be have a nursery theme, find out if the mom-to-be wants her shower to have the same theme or something different. Once the theme is decided, find or make invitations that go along with the theme.

Hey Mr. Postman!

Traditional baby shower etiquette has always been that invitations are mailed and this is really the best way to send them today as well. Send the invitations about a month in advance, and ask for an RSVP by two weeks before the shower. If you send the invitations too early, it’s easy for people to forget about them, so a month is a good rule of thumb to follow. If you need more than two weeks to get everything purchased and planned, as in the case of ordering specialized favors, allow for this when you send the invitations.

Who’s Who – Make a List

When it comes to who to include on the baby shower invitation list, if it’s not a surprise party, simply ask the expectant mother who she would like to invite. Sometimes moms to be can have two showers; one for friends/co workers and one for family only. It doesn’t have to be like this though, so if you want to have an all inclusive shower, that isn’t against any baby shower rules.

Typically invitations are not sent to people that the mother to be is not in regular contact with because it can be seen as just a way to get gifts. When it comes to family, inviting relatives is customary, especially if they live in the same city. Whoever the mother to be puts on her list, be sure to invite. If it’s a surprise shower, enlist the help of the father to be and the grandmother to be. They will be a big help in getting together a list for you.

RSVP Please

When asking for an RSVP from the invited guests, give them a few choices to contact you such as your cell phone number, house number and email address. You will also want to put a deadline on the RSVP (1 or 2 weeks before it a good time frame) so you can get a final count early enough to buy food and favors. Just make sure you get a few extras for those guests who forget to RSVP at all (You will always have one or two).

Give The Important Details

Be sure to list on the invitation where the couple is registered, their nursery theme, and if they are having a boy or a girl. (If they know) Other important information to include is where the shower is being held, the address and directions to the shower location, and if there are certain games that will be played; including instructions to the games isn’t a bad idea either. That reduces the amount of explaining that will be necessary at the shower.

If the shower is a potluck, ask if the guests would like to participate in bringing a covered dish and ask that they let you know what you are bringing ASAP so there aren’t 5 of the same dish. If there is any food that is provided, be sure to list that in the shower. (i.e. if you are providing sandwiches or ham, or taking care of all paper goods, be sure to list that)

Baby showers are exciting events and they can be a lot of fun. If you are invited to a baby shower, be sure to be respectful of the hostess and RSVP as soon as you can so they can continue with their planning.