Baby Shower Planning Basics

Baby Shower Planning

There are many things involved in planning a baby shower. The first thing the shower hostess should do is write a list. If more than one person is hosting the shower, be sure to meet and decide who is going to be responsible for what tasks, so there are no duplicates or anything forgotten. Baby showers are fun celebrations of a new life, so don’t let the planning of a shower become a chore or stress. That will take all the fun right out of it and the shower should be fun for everyone, including the hostess/es.

First Things First – A Theme

One of the first things the hostess needs to find out from the mother-to-be is what theme she would like her baby shower to have. If her nursery has a specific theme, ask if she would like her shower to match that theme. If she has no preference, that gives you a lot of leeway to come up with some great creative ideas. Also find out if the baby is a boy or girl, if they know, so your shower theme can match the sex of the baby.

Make a Guest List

Next is to get the guest list from the mother to be. This is important so no one is left out that she would like to be there. If she asks for help with this, or doesn’t quite know who all she should invite, help her out by guiding her to invite the people she sees and has contact with on a regular basis. More than likely though, she will not have a problem giving you this list of guests.

Location, Location, Location

Once you have the guest list, decide where you want to have the shower. This will depend on a few factors such as how many guests are invited, and available places to have the shower. If the shower is large, having it in someone’s home may not be feasible, so check around for places you could have the shower such as rec centers, and even restaurants that rent out party rooms. As long as it’s large enough to comfortably hold everyone, it will work out great. Reserve the spot for the shower and plan the date about 6 weeks before the due date of the baby.

Cordially Invited

Invitations need to be written up, including all the pertinent information the guests will need to know and mailed so they receive them about 4 weeks before the shower. Allow enough time to round up all the addresses so the invitations can be mailed. Ask that they RSVP by a date that is no less than 2 weeks before the shower so you and the other hostesses if there are any, have plenty of time to finish the organization.

It’s a Party!

Order or buy any baby shower decorations and favors that you will need or if you are making them, think about having a favor making party with the other hostesses. This can be a lot of fun for the organizers of the party as well.

Be on hand to answer any questions the guests of the shower has, which most often can be what to get the mother to be. If you are having a potluck shower, they will be letting you know what dish they will be bringing. Keep a list close at hand to write down information when guests call you or when you receive RSVPs so no one is forgotten.

Plan the menu of the shower if it is not a potluck event. Split this food list with the other hostesses if there are any, and choose a menu that is fun and enjoyable to eat as well as prepare. Napkins and cups and utensils will need to be purchased and party games planned. Also decide if you want music at the shower. This is not a requirement, but having soft music playing in the background is always enjoyable and soothing.

On the day of the shower, arrive in plenty of time to get everything set up without rushing and get ready to have an enjoyable evening of celebration for the mom to be.