Choosing a Baby Shower Theme

Choosing a Baby Shower Theme

A baby shower theme is a style of decoration that focuses on a certain thing. Baby showers can be all kinds of themes, from trucks or cars for a little boy, to princess or hearts for a little girl. Other themes can be animals, letters and numbers, and cartoon characters. If the mom to be has a nursery theme, you can match the shower theme to her nursery theme pretty easily. Most baby stores have baby shower items that match their nursery themes.

What Does Mommy Think?

There is nothing wrong with asking the mother to be what type of theme she’d like unless the shower is a surprise. It doesn’t ruin anything for her because she still won’t see anything you’re doing until the shower, but you can be sure that she is getting what she really wants.

It’s a….

If she knows that she is having a boy or girl, ask her if she wants a theme that is gender specific or if she wants a more neutral theme. Having an “it’s a girl” or “It’s a boy” shower is very common and ensures that the clothes and stuff they receive will match the gender of their child. Be sure to put this in the invitations if it is gender specific shower. If the parents don’t know the sex, be sure to put that in the invitation, as well.

If you decide to do a gender specific shower (boy or girl) don’t just use all blue, or all pink. For a baby girl shower, you can use pink, white, and mint green together, or pink and yellow. For a baby boy, you can use blue and white, or blue, bright green and white. It makes it much more visually appealing and not an overload of pink or blue. Have fun and be creative with your color combinations.

Popular Choices

Some other popular baby shower themes are lady bugs, precious moments, Noah’s ark, bumble bees, Winnie the Pooh, Disney characters, and many, many others. No matter what style you like, there is a way to have it incorporated into a baby shower theme.

If you are surprising the mother to be with a shower, see if the grandmother to be knows the theme of the nursery or the sex of the baby and get her opinion as to whether she would enjoy a gender specific shower or want something more neutral. She will be happy to offer her help and will appreciate being asked.

Not all showers have to have a theme, but it’s a lot of fun to match shower favors to specific themes and since there are so many to choose from, it’s easy to find a theme that fits any mother to be’s personality.

The main thing is not to become a slave to the theme of the shower. It’s a guideline to go by, not what everything in the shower has to match. The theme becomes less special when it’s used for everything so if you go with a specific theme, be sure to use solid color plates and napkins in a coordinating color and don’t let the theme become too much so people are constantly barraged with it.