Baby Shower Food & Drinks

Baby Shower Food & Drinks

The food served at a baby shower is one of the most memorable parts of the shower. There are many different types of food and drink that showers can have. You can have a potluck shower where every guest brings a dish, have a sit down lunch or dinner, or just have finger foods and snack type foods.

Timing is Everything

The time of the shower will usually determine whether you have lighter fare or a meal. Having the shower after lunch time, or before dinner time, can give you an option of just snack foods, while having it during the lunch or dinner hours usually requires you to have a reasonable meal for your guests.

If you decide to have a meal, having a potluck shower is a great way to spread the cost out among all the guests and have a variety of things to serve at the shower. If people are given plenty of notice, potluck showers are typically not a problem. The hostess or hostesses should take care of certain items and let the guests know what items are already taken care of.

If you are having finger foods and snack type foods, some great ideas are finger sandwiches wrapped in colored plastic wrap in pink or blue, deviled eggs, veggie trays with dip, chips and salsa, chips and queso sauce, meatballs, cocktail sausages, fruit bowl, peanuts, chips and dip, and things of that nature. This is probably the easiest type of shower to throw and most people love this type of finger foods. You can also choose to do spiral sliced ham, potato salad, and that type of fare as well where the guests can make their own sandwiches.

Food for the shower shouldn’t be purchased earlier than a day or two before the shower so anything that needs to be prepared can be, but there is no danger of the food spoiling or going stale. If it’s potluck, then making the dishes the hostess is responsible for can be done the night before or the morning of the shower.

Can I Get You A Drink?

Drinks can be sodas, water, or a special made punch. There are many types of punch recipes that are really tasty, but offer some variety for those who may not like punch. If you serve soda, be sure to have plenty of ice on hand, and offer non carbonated choices or non caffeinated choices for the guests who don’t drink soda or have caffeine.

Keep in mind that mommy can’t drink any alcohol so it is normally not served at a baby shower, but it really depends on the mom-to-be. She may be perfectly fine with adult drinks being served, or she might find less hard items such as wine, beer or champagne a good middle ground. It’s best to lean towards the new mother’s opinion on this though since it is her day and her feeling comfortable is the most important thing.

Sweets For The Sweet

Also be sure to have sweets to serve as well; a special cake is customary but also have brownies, cookies and candies available as well for variety. Almost everyone has a sweet tooth of some kind, so not having any sweets would be disappointing to the guests as well as the mom to be. The cake can be made homemade or bought at a bakery and decorated for the event with adorable little baby shower decorations on it. The flavor of the cake should be what the mom to be prefers, so be sure to ask what her favorite cake is.

It All Adds Up

The hostess of the shower pays for the food, so that will need to be taken into consideration, especially if the shower is large. If more than one person is throwing the shower for the mother to be, this cost will be split and each person will be responsible for a percentage of the cost, or certain food items.

The food does not need to cost a fortune, taking the effort to make it look like you did is usually better. Making a budget of how much you want to spend per person is usually a good idea, and warehouse stores can be a big savings if you need a large amount of food for a larger party.

Having a shower for someone does not mean you to have a feast fit for a king, but it will require at least a nicely laid out snack table for the guests that come to celebrate with you.