Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts

Whenever you are invited to a baby shower, bringing a gift is customary. Some thinking is that the whoever is hosting the shower doesn’t need to bring a separate gift because the shower is the gift, but that is entirely up to the hostess whether she wants to also give a gift to the mother-to-be. Baby shower gifts don’t have to be super expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, take heart, there are many things you can put together that will be fabulous and appreciated by the mom-to-be.

Ideas for baby shower gifts that are sure to please

Whether a mom-to-be is having her first child or her 4th, there are many things that she will need that are not very expensive at all, yet are a necessity. Blankets, bottles, and diapers are three of the big ones. Even if the mother is breastfeeding, she may need bottles to store milk in, or to let dad feed the baby once in awhile. Putting together a gift basket with bottles, rolled baby blankets and other little baby things like spoons, baby nail clippers, baby lotions, powders and baby wash is always a wonderful gift.

Some other great baby shower gifts are sleepers, hooded baby towels, picture frames, mini photo albums, growth calendars, even baby books so the mom to be can read to their child (even newborns love the sound of their mom and dad’s voice and it’s never too early to start reading to their child).

Consider the Nursery

Depending on what the nursery theme is, there are many gifts that can be purchased in the nursery theme, too. Themed crib sheets, wall decorations, or even a stuffed animal matched to the nursery can be a wonderful gift. Taking the time to find out what the baby’s room is decorated with can help make finding a gift much easier, and a great way to show you were really thinking of mommy.

Never Too Many Diapers

If you choose to buy diapers, buy them in a size one rather than newborn size. Even if the baby is small when it’s born, they outgrow newborn diapers fairly quickly, so having size 1 diapers on hand will be a big help. A mom to be can never have too many diapers so even if everyone bought a pack of diapers in addition to another gift, she will be thrilled. Not only are you providing something necessary, you’re helping them save money by not having to buy them on their own for awhile.

Baby Registry To The Rescue

If the parents-to-be are registered somewhere, find out where and take a look at what they need and want from that store. A Gift registry is your best bet for giving a gift that will be very appreciated and needed. You don’t have to choose the super expensive gifts such as cribs or strollers, anything on the list is something the mommy wants or will use. Sometimes friends, co-workers or family like to go in together for the larger items, so if you know others going to the shower, check with them to see if they want to chip in together for a larger item.

When the baby is due makes a difference for some gifts

Take into consideration when the baby is due. If the baby is a summer baby, don’t buy a newborn size warm sleeper because more than likely the baby wouldn’t get to wear it before they outgrow it. Lightweight sleepers are fine because babies have trouble regulating their temperature when they are first born, and super lightweight sleepers won’t overheat them, but taking season into consideration will ensure that you get clothes that the baby can wear right away.

If you think the mom will receive a lot of newborn clothes, buying a few things in a larger size such as 3-6 months or 6-9 months gives them something to look forward to wearing but again take season into consideration and buy things that are season appropriate for the size you choose.

Whatever gift you decide to give, the mom-to-be is going to be thrilled. If you love to make things and are crafty, there are many homemade things you can make as well such as blankets, bibs, personalized teddy bears and more. No matter what your budget is you can be sure to find something wonderful that you will be excited to give and she will be happy and grateful to receive.