Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Favors

While baby shower favors are not a necessity, there are many reasons to include them when you are planning a baby shower. There are so many kinds and styles of baby shower favors available that no matter what the theme of the shower is, you’re sure to find cute baby shower favors to finish off the theme and give the party some extra cute appeal.

Choices, Choices, Choices

You can choose all different kinds of baby shower favors, depending on what your use for the favors are. They can be personalized with the names of the shower guests and taken home as a keepsake of the shower, they can be used as game prizes for baby shower games, and they can just be used for added decorations that make the baby shower even more special and festive.

There are many types of favors available, so if you’re going to be using them as take home keepsakes for the guests, try and make them useful and practical such as mini picture frames, candles, soaps and items of that nature.

You can add the guest’s name to them if you choose, or the date of the baby shower and the last name of the baby unless the baby’s name is already decided and definite. Since baby names can change last minute, be careful using the baby’s name even if the parents to be sound sure. Many babies have ended up named something entirely different at the last minute!

If you’re using baby shower favors as prizes for baby shower games, also go for the more practical style and useful favors. Some ideas are candies, cookies, and even a gift basket of beauty things that would be good for any female at the party who won the game.

It’s Just For Fun, Not Profit

There are many places you can get baby shower favors, so spending a lot of money on them isn’t necessary. Usually you can expect to spend around $1-2$ dollars per favor, but even that can change if you find what you’re looking for in packages or make them yourself. Once the theme is decided, look around to see what is out there and see what you can find that compliments your shower theme. If you’re giving the favors as take home gifts, have one for each guest in attendance and plan for some extras so no one is left out by accident. There are almost always some last minute attendees, so planning ahead can avoid some awkward moments.

Whoever is planning the baby shower is usually responsible for getting all the decorations, invitations, favors and more. If you know that someone is planning a baby shower for a friend or family member of yours, it’s always nice to offer some financial help so that all of the expense doesn’t fall on one person.

Do It Yourself to Make It Special

Baby shower favors can be homemade as well, which make them even more unique and special, so don’t discount making them if you’re crafty. Homemade gifts and favors are very heartfelt and appreciated. Some cute and unique ideas are homemade cookie favors; tea bag favors in little baggies with pink or blue (or the theme colors) ribbon tying the bags closed, flower seed packet favors and more. Get creative and take a walk through the craft store to seed what they have and have some fun. You can even plan a favor making party for those hosting the shower.