Call In A Favor Theme Baby Shower

This theme baby shower is really a fantastic way to show the mother to be that you care. It is also a great boon for overworked mothers who have little or no family close by to help them. Mothers who are trying to hold down a job while caring for the baby would also love this baby shower theme.

The idea behind the shower is to have all the guests provide services to the mother to be – before or after the baby is born. These can include housekeeping services, making meals, babysitting, running errands or simply keeping the mother company. The idea behind the whole shower is to form a support group to help the mother to be pull through what is going to be the most tiring time of her life. Filled with wonder yes. But definitely tiring too!

Call In A Favor Theme Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Design typical coupons and put in the details of the party. Mail them instead of handing them out. Ensure that the guests can immediately recognize that the mail is from you lest they think it is junk and throw it out.
  • But small plastic telephones or miniature chocolate cell phones. Attach a note with the details of the party.

Call In A Favor Theme Baby Shower Decorations:

  • You can design huge favor coupons similar to discount coupons and put them up around the room.
  • Hang spiral wires like the cords of a telephone instead of streamers.
  • Cut out large telephones from card paper and put them up on the walls.
  • You can also put up words like SOS, Help, Thank You and Please on the walls to get into the mood of the theme.

Call In A Favor Theme Baby Shower Food:

  • Design calling cards and use them to name the various items on the food table.
  • Serve spiral pasta and a meal that can be prepared and stored in the fridge for at least a week. Simply reheat and eat. You can also give the recipes for all the dishes to the mother to be as part of the baby shower gift.

Call In A Favor Theme Baby Shower Games:

  • Ask the guests to list all the favors that they would be willing to do for the mother to be. The guest with the most creative list or the list that appeals most to the mother to be wins.
  • Ask the guests to list out all the excuses they can think of for getting out of doing favors! The guest with the shortest list wins!
  • Make out a list of baby chores like feeding the baby, changing the baby, burping the baby and the like. Get a baby doll and ask each guest to perform each of the chores blindfolded. The best babysitter wins. This is a great
  • opportunity for the mother to be to evaluate which of her friends she can trust to baby sit!

Call In A Favor Theme Baby Shower Party Favors:

  • Gift coupons would be perfect as party favors.
  • Chocolate telephones tied with a bow.
  • Matchbooks designed like calling cards with chocolate mints inside.

Call In A Favor Theme Baby Shower Gifts For The Mother To Be:

The whole idea behind the theme is to give the mother to be favor coupons. Make a set of blank coupons and give 3 coupons to each guest. Each guest must then put down the exact favor that they are willing to do for the mother to be. Examples: Baby sit for 2 hours on a weekday / weekend. Do your laundry on a weekend. Make you 3 meals that you can store in the refrigerator.

The nature of the favor will of course be dependent on the relationship the guest shares with the mother to be. Office colleagues and not so good friends may choose simpler things like ‘Make a trip to the post office for you’ or something at work. Closer friends can help with more intimate tasks.

In addition to the favors, guests can also gift the mother to be things that would make her life easier to manage once the baby is born. A feeding bottle sterilizer, a cleaning service once a week for 2 months and the like.

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.