You Are My Sunshine Theme Baby Shower

This theme is really popular for couples that have decided to keep the gender of their little one a secret. It can be easily adapted as a Yellow Theme Baby Shower or a Sky Theme Baby Shower.

You Are My Sunshine Theme Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Cut out large yellow suns from yellow paper and write out the invitations.
  • You could buy large yellow lollipops and add yellow cellophane for rays. Attach a small note with all the party details and hand out as invitations.
  • Take large yellow balloons and draw sunny faces on them. You can put the invitation details on a piece of paper and put it inside the balloon. Send the blown up balloon as the invitation. The guests can retrieve the details by
  • bursting the balloon. Alternately, write out the party details on the balloon and deflate it. Guest will then need to blow up the balloon to read the invites.

You Are My Sunshine Theme Baby Shower Decorations:

  • Yellow all the way!
  • You can use sunflowers for decorating the food table or as a centerpiece.
  • Cut out large yellow suns from yellow card paper and hand them from the ceiling or stick them on the walls.
  • Use yellow balloons to decorate the whole room.
  • You could even make yellow sun party hats for all the guests.
  • Ask the guests to dress in yellow to match the theme.

You Are My Sunshine Theme Baby Shower Food:

  • Again, yellow all the way!
  • Make sunny side up sandwiches accompanied by lemonade.
  • You can add yellow sun faced cupcakes to the menu or make lemon tarts.
  • Order for cheese pizzas and make a sunny smile with tomato ketchup or mustard.

You Are My Sunshine Theme Baby Shower Games:

  • Ask the guests to list as many items as they can that are naturally yellow in color. The guest with the longest list wins.
  • Divide the guests into groups of three or four and give them lots of yellow paper and fabric. One of the team members should be dressed up as Ms. Sunshine. The team with the prettiest sunshine wins.
  • Ask the guests to think up as many songs as they can with the word sunshine in them. The guest who lists the most songs wins!

You Are My Sunshine Theme Baby Shower Party Favors:

  • Large yellow sunshine lollipops. If you used lollipops for the invites this is avoidable.
  • Golden sunshine wine charms.
  • Mini yellow soaps in the shape of the sun.
  • Anything round and yellow would work well.

Adapting This Theme

You can also adapt this theme to be a Yellow baby Shower. All the above ideas for invitations, decorations, food, games and party favors still apply.

If you want to adapt this theme to be a Sky’s The Limit Baby Shower then instead of focusing just on the sun, include the stars and moon into all the party planning too. Use blue and yellow as the color theme and hang stars from the ceiling for decoration. You can give away moon party favors and play galaxy related games.

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.