Diaper Theme Baby Shower

Diapers are something that the parents to be are going to be getting overly familiar with in the coming months. So why not have a diaper baby shower to create some fond (and funny!) memories related to diapers, since the memories created when changing the baby’s diapers are likely to be anything but fond! This theme is also a great one to have for a Daddy’s Baby Shower as an initiation into the world of diaper changing.

Diaper Theme Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Use a black marker to write out all the party details on a cloth diaper. Fold the diaper and pin it with a diaper pin and hand out as invitations.
  • For a more economical option, you can also fold paper as you would cloth diapers and just pin it up with a diaper pin. The paper of course is printed with the details of the party.

Diaper Theme Baby Shower Decorations:

  • Send each guest a cloth diaper and ask her to paint a message on it and send it back. You can hang these message diapers around the room and make a gift of them to the mother to be after the shower.
  • Make huge cloth diapers (cloth diapers are basically folds of squares so all you really need to do is keep pieces of cloth handy) and put them on each of your guests. Hold in place with diaper pins. You want to test the diaper on yourself for size beforehand.

Diaper Theme Baby Shower Food:

  • More than the food it is the presentation that will match the theme. Use cloth diapers as placemats and runners. You can paint them to make them look more attractive.
  • Make a centerpiece using a stack of Pampers creatively arranged.
  • Cut out pictures of baby’s in diapers and make small cards to write the names of the dishes being served.
  • You could also order a cake in the shape of a huge diaper.

Diaper Theme Baby Shower Games:

  • If your guests have been diapered, the guest whose diaper stays on longest wins.
  • Blindfold your guests and hand them a baby doll. The guest who can diaper the baby fastest, blindfolded, wins.

Diaper Theme Baby Shower Party Favors:

  • Custom chocolates in the shape of a diaper.
  • Personalized refrigerator magnet diaper pins.
  • Bookmarks with diapers and diaper pins on them.

Diaper Theme Baby Shower Gifts For The Mother To Be:

  • Ask all the guests to bring along diaper themed gifts. Large packs of pampers in varying sizes is an extremely useful gift for any mother to be.
  • A diaper disposal bin.
  • Hand painted cloth diapers.
  • Baby wipes and liners.

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.