Send Baby To College Theme Baby Shower

OK so you might think it’s a bit early to start worrying about the baby’s education, but you will be surprised to know that most couples start saving for their child’s college fund as soon as they find out they are pregnant! This theme is great for couples that have multiple babies. It works really well for single income families as well.

There are two ways to go with this theme shower. You can either go the graduation way or choose to have fun with a college theme. The former is more serious but the dream of most parents. The latter can be more colorful and fun.

Send Baby To College Theme Baby Shower Invitations:

  1. Take a sheet of handmade paper and put the party details on it. Roll it up and tie it with a ribbon to look like a scroll or degree.
  2. Get or make paper graduation hats and put the party details on the top surface of the hat with a silver pen.
  3. Write the party details on pennants and hand them out as invitations.

Send Baby To College Theme Baby Shower Decorations:

  1. Black has to be the theme color. However all black can becoming rather heavy for a baby shower so you may want to offset it with another color. White is a good option to maintain the college theme. Black and white balloons, graduation caps hanging from the ceiling and even a wooden dais would make great decorations. Ask all the guests to carry along a graduation robe to really get into the theme.
  2. Optionally, instead of focusing on graduation you can choose to go the college way and decorate with pennants, college jerseys and banners bearing names of top national colleges. Ask the guests to wear their college jerseys if they have one or borrow one from someone they know.

Send Baby To College Theme Baby Shower Food:

  1. Chips, coke, fries and pizza.
  2. If the party is outdoors grill some burgers.

Send Baby To College Theme Baby Shower Games:

  1. Trivia games related to having a baby. Questions can be about conception, pregnancy, delivery and baby care.
  2. Any knowledge or IQ games work well with this theme.

Send Baby To College Theme Baby Shower party Favors:

  1. Mini college jerseys with the name of the parents embroidered on them.
  2. A chocolate graduation hat.
  3. A mini photo frame with a thank you note or a mock degree that announces that Ms.Name_of_the_Guest successfully graduated as a great guest from Ms.Name_of_the_Mother_to_Be’s Baby Shower.

Gifts For The Mother To Be:

An important part of this baby shower is the gifts to the mother to be. It is a great idea to request all the guests to bring savings bonds, certificates of savings, or cash gifts. You can then collect all the money and gift it to the parents to be to start a college fund for the baby. Most couples would be ecstatic with this.

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.