Sweet Dreams Theme Baby Shower

What a perfect match, babies and wishes of sweet dreams. The one thing almost all mothers complain about after having a baby is the loss of sleep.  A baby’s sleep time is precious;  Not only is it restorative for the baby but also provides much required relief for the parents.  Sweet dreams is a great way to ensure that the mother-to-be has everything she needs for night times with the new baby.

Sweet Dreams Theme Baby Shower Invitations:

  • Cut out stars or a crescent moon from silver card paper. On the back put down the details of the party. Punch a hole and add a few silver ribbons and hand out the invitations.
  • Get miniature cushions or pillows and embroider them with the parents’ to be names. Attach a small note with the details of the party.

Sweet Dreams Theme Baby Shower Decorations:

  • Arrange a whole lot of pillows and cushions all around the room. Not only will it fit in with the theme but will also make your guests extra comfortable.
  • Cut out stars and a huge silver moon and hang from the ceiling.
  • Cover one wall with midnight blue cloth. Arrange a sofa / lounger / recliner in front of it and drape it with a baby bed sheet. Throw in a few pillows and let the mother to be enjoy sweet memories of the party from her make-shift bed.
  • Put up large ZZZZ’s on the walls. Ask all the guests to show up in their pajamas to match the theme.

Sweet Dreams Theme Baby Shower Food:

  • Serve midnight snacks like biscuits, cookies and chips.
  • Chocolate fudge and rocky road ice creams are a must.
  • Cut out sandwiches in the shape of a moon or stars.
  • Make ZZZZ shaped cup cakes.
  • You can also serve nightcaps like coffee or hot chocolate. The mother to be and other pregnant women may prefer warm milk.

Sweet Dreams Theme Baby Shower Games:

  • Ask the guests to have a snoring competition. The loudest snorer wins.
  • Get a baby doll and ask each guest to have a turn at getting the baby ready for bed with one hand behind her back. The tasks include bathing the baby, changing the diaper, putting the baby into nightclothes, feeding the baby and singing it to sleep.

Sweet Dreams Theme Baby Shower Party Favors:

  • Little cushions embroidered with, “Celebrating MothersName’s Baby Shower”.
  • The sandman’s sandbag filled with chocolate stars and moon.
  • A sleeping baby nightlight.

Sweet Dreams Theme Baby Shower Gifts For The Mother To Be:

  • All the guests can pool in and buy a crib if the mother to be doesn’t already have one.
  • Starry nights cot mobiles.
  • Bedtime books and music tapes.
  • Nightclothes for the baby.
  • Night theme bedcovers, bedsheets, pillows and a blanket for the baby.

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.