Old McDonald’s Farm Baby Shower

If there is any song popular with all little kids it has to be “Old McDonald’s Farm.”  This theme is great for a baby shower because it allows you to really get creative. It can be adapted to day showers and night showers as well as for a coed/couples shower or women only showers.

When thinking of a farm, you usually think “boy,” but don’t write off the little cowgirls either. A fun (and adorable) theme, this can be used for a new baby boy or baby girl, and it is perfect for “one-of-each” twins.

Old McDonald’s Farm Baby Shower Invitations:

Invitations for this theme baby shower can be bought at any store or made at home. You can get as creative or be as simple as you want.

  • If you want DIY invitations, design a card on a graphic software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw and take print outs. Easy and economical.
  • Another really great invitation idea is to buy chocolate farm animal lollipops. Attach a little note with all the invitation details and tie it around the lollipop. However, this will work only for guests in town. Shipping chocolate
  • lollipops to invite out of town guests is a bad idea.
  • You can simply head for a party store and pick up Old McDonald’s Farm invitation cards.

Old McDonald’s Farm Baby Shower Decorations:

  • Get stiff white card paper sheets. Draw out cartoon animals in an extra large size or as big as you can manage (you can find plenty on the Internet) and paint them with regular poster colors. Cut out the animals and put them all
  • around the venue. This is especially great because after the shower you can gift the animals to the mother to be to decorate her nursery.
  • Stuffed toys of various farm animals like dogs, cows, sheep, hens, horses, pigs and the like also make great décor. Again, after the party gift them to the mother to be. If you want to keep expenses low, borrow stuffed toys to
  • decorate the venue from friends and family who have little children.
  • You can use some potted plants and flowers to give the nature effect. If the shower is being held outdoors go all out and get haystacks for seating. You will need to ensure that the mother to be or any other guests are not allergic
  • to plants and hay. Put a rake in one corner of the room. Ensure that it is out of harm’s way.
  • You can also get all the guests to dress up as farmhands in coveralls and dungarees with hats.

Old McDonald’s Farm Baby Shower Food:

  • If the baby shower is being held outdoors a barbecue is the only way to go.
  • For an indoors baby shower you can cut out sandwiches in circles and dress them up as little cats, make mashed potato ducklings, piggy cupcakes with pink icing and milkshakes of course!

Old McDonald’s Farm Baby Shower Games:

  • You can organize a sing along where all the guests have to sing along the Old McDonald’s song. For each animal a guest must take center stage and imitate the animal being sung about. Be prepared for lots of laughs and guests who are
  • simply terrible at imitations! The best imitator wins.
  • Play animal trivia games.
  • You can hide little plastic farm animals around the room and get the guests to go on a scavenger hunt with clues from you.

Old McDonald’s Farm Baby Shower Party Favors:

  • Stuffed toy farm animals make cute favors.
  • Chocolates in the shape of farm animals.
  • A small bucket with a spade filled with cookies.

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.