Noah’s Ark Theme Baby Shower

The Noah’s Ark Theme baby shower is a fun theme especially if the parents to be are expecting twins! It also works really well if you are planning to have a couple baby shower since all the couples are already going to be part of the two by two Noah’s ark theme.

Noah’s Ark Theme Baby Shower Invitations:

Set up your Noah’s Ark theme baby shower right from the word ‘Go’ and design Noah’s ark invitations. Here are some invitation ideas.

  • If you have a computer this is really easy to do. Use a graphic software like Corel Draw or Photoshop and put together cliparts of animal pairs like a lion and lioness, a horse and mare, elephants, giraffes and the like. It doesn’t
  • matter which animal you choose but they must all be in pairs. Put down the date, time and venue of the party. Add a heading that reads “Join Noah’s Ark To Celebrate The Coming Of Baby (Lastname)”. Also ensure that your invitation
  • makes it clear that you are having a theme party and the guests are requested to dress appropriately. Once the card is designed print as many copies as required, address, stamp and post!
  • If you prefer to do things by hand cut out little arks from brown card paper. Add a few animal pictures (again all animals must be in pairs) and all the required information and post the cards.

Noah’s Ark Theme Baby Shower Decorations:

  • Stuffed toys make great decorations. You can buy animal couples or pairs of stuffed toys and put them all around the room. These are really great because they can even be your baby shower gift to the mother to be.
  • Alternately, you can pick up the 6 inch variety of stuffed animals and hand them all around the room. When your guests are ready to leave ask them to pick their choice of stuffed toy to take home as a party favor.
  • You can also create an Ark throne for the mother to be to sit in. Take a comfortable easy chair and put brown paper or brown cloth on it. Give it a little shape to resemble a boat. Place a blue mat / cloth / paper under the chair to represent water. Add a small wheel on one arm of the chair. Throw in a sailor’s hat and you have a special Noah’s Ark throne for the guest of honor to sit it. If the mother to be is uncomfortable sitting in the chair, use it as a centerpiece to hold all the gifts or the party favors. You will need two thrones for a couple baby shower.

Noah’s Ark Theme Baby Shower Food:

  • The cake must of course be an Ark with lots of plastic animals on it. If you plan to bake the cake yourself and an Ark is a little beyond your capabilities, make a simple brown chocolate cake and use the plastic animals to give it the Noah’s Ark theme feeling.
  • You can have other animal food like Little Pigs Sausages, Noah’s Hens Egg Sandwiches and Monkey Banana Chips or Fritters.

Noah’s Ark Theme Baby Shower Games:

  • Get the couples to dress up as animal pairs and have a fancy dress competition. The best-dressed couple of course wins!
  • Plan an animal trivia game. Dig out a little known facts about different animals and make a list of 20 odd questions. Give your guests the list of questions and ask them to write down the answers. The guest who gets the most correct answers wins. Example: Which animal On Noah’s Ark sleeps standing up? Answer: Giraffe
  • ‘Spot the family on Noah’s Ark’ is also a great game to play. Make a list of animals of which you know the male, female and child. Example: Dog, bitch and puppy. Or horse, mare and foal. Or lion, lioness and cub. Give your guests just the male animal and ask them to list the female and child. To make the game tougher you can also ask your guests to come up with the entire family that they think would be on Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark Theme Baby Shower Party Favors:

  • Stuffed toys animal pairs will make a really cute party favor.
  • Personalized key chains in the shape of animal pairs.
  • A photo frame with a Noah’s Ark theme border. You could insert a thank you note in each photo frame to make it more special.
  • Animal shaped candies wrapped in an ark shaped box.
  • Animal shaped candles or a Noah’s Ark candle.

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