Summer Tea Party Baby Girl Shower

What little girl doesn’t grow into having tea parties for all her imaginary friends? And if you are lucky enough you might even be invited to one of them. A summer tea party baby shower is perfect if the parents have already determined that they are having a baby girl.

Other options for baby girl showers include a pink shower, a Barbie shower, a Doll House shower and a Ribbons and Lace shower.

Summer Tea Party Baby Girl Shower Invitations:

  • Get little plastic teacups. Attach tiny invitations to the teacups and invite all your guests.
  • Cut out card paper in the shape of a teacup and write out all the party details behind the cup. Mail to your guests.
  • You can also include recipe cards for tea recipes and ask all the guests to bring the cards filled with their favorite tea recipes. Tie all the cards with a ribbon and present them to the mother to be.

Summer Tea Party Baby Girl Shower Decorations:

  • All the decorations need to be grand and frilly. Get out your best tea set.
  • Use pretty, lacey table covers.
  • You can drape the walls and ceilings with white organza fabric for a rich, elegant look.
  • Request all the guests to wear a summer hat to get into the mood.
  • Use small potted plants as centerpieces and to decorate the room.

Summer Tea Party Baby Girl Shower Food:

  • Delicate pastries and sandwiches.
  • English tea of course! Herbal tea is good for the mother to be as well.

Summer Tea Party Baby Girl Shower Games:

  • You can set up a ring the bottle game. Put 4-6 feeding bottles and give each guest three rings. They have to stand at a distance of 10 feet and try to ring the bottles. Much tougher than it sounds.
  • Bowling bottles. Use the bottles as bowling pins and get some children’s balls to use as the bowling ball. Have fun.

Summer Tea Party Baby Girl Shower Party Favors:

  • Pretty little bags of summer flower seeds tied with ribbons.
  • A small potted plant.
  • A teacup inscribed with the mother’s name and date of the shower. You can also fill it with candy.

Copyright 2005, Andrea R Britt. All rights reserved.